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Chemar Rurociągi Sp. z o. o. produces hangers, supports and spring shoes which are adapted for hanging or supporting. Spring elements are equipped with locking mechanisms to lock pipelines during assembly and hydrostatic tests or to limit the vertical movement of pipelines. Additionally, they are equipped with reflective rulers with marked force and deflection indicators and offer the possibility of regulating the height of spring elements.

This group of products includes:

  • single spring hangers (fn=70, fn=140), catalogue sheet B01
  • double spring hangers (fn=210), catalogue sheet B02
  • double spring hangers (fn=280), catalogue sheet B03
  • triple spring hangers (fn=420), catalogue sheet B04
  • low force alteration spring hangers, catalogue sheet B05
  • spring pipe supports (fn=70, fn=140), catalogue sheet B06
  • low force alteration spring supports, catalogue sheet B07
  • spring pipe shoes (fn=70, fn=140), catalogue sheet B08
  • low force alteration spring pipe shoes, catalogue sheet B09

Spring elements undergo regulation and certification at the control and measuring post. According to a customer's wish each spring fixture certificate can be accompanied by the product characteristics.

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